The Unknown and Paradise Sri Bairaveshwara Swamy Hill Cave Temple is about 46km from Bengaluru, 109km from Mysuru, located in Annahalli village. There is muddy road to reach this place. From below of the hill there is handrail helpful for steep climb. Sri Bairaveshwara Swamy padha is the starting point for the climb. The view from top is jaw breaking especially watching the lake that is below this hill. Sri Bairaveshwara Swamy Cave Temple is present at top. It is believed that Sri Bairaveshwara Swamy performed tapas inside this cave. There is a tunnel from this cave to a temple which is 5km away from this place. Ideal place for Photography. Fresh air blowing all around. Looking for a hardcore trekking experience this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family