The Unknown and Magnificient Sri Venkataraya Swamy Hill is about 74km from Bengaluru, 178km from Mysuru, located in Huluvangala village. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Udhbhava Murthy Temple is present below. There is mudy trail all the way to the below of hill. From below one needs to find their own way to the top of the hill. Sri Venkataraya Swamy temple without an idol is present at the top. The place is surrounded by eye soothing nature. Cheetah area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. It is believed that once an Hunter entered the Sri Anjaneya Swamy cave temple which was connected to a big tunnel, Suranga where Ancient Rushi Muni performed Tapas. After the Hunter met the Ancient Rushi Muni, he was told not to discuss about their presence in this cave with others, if he does his head will bust. However Hunter after visiting back to his village, discussed about the whole incident with the villagers. Immediately his head busted into pieces. Overall the blessings of Sri Anjaneya Swamy and the hardcore trekking experience to the top. Makes this a must visit place with friends and family