The Gigantic Kabbaladurga Hill is about 83Km from Bengaluru and 85Km from Mysuru. A rocky monolithic hillock stands isolated in the landscape. Kabbaladurga hill trek allows you to explore the mysticism of its nocturnal beauty and will take you through its scenic as well as fascinating trails, where one can bask in the glory of nature.There are no proper steps all the way to the top, which eventually makes the trek more interesting and fun to climb. The panoramic views midway to the peak are more beautiful than the views from the peak itself. Arrows are marked on rocks, that will guide you till the top of the hill. One need to go through stone steps, mud road, thorny trees till you reach the staircase from where you have to climb proper steps till you reach the monolithic cliff. once you reached a decent height the view is superb and once you reach the top the view is Fantastic. The clouds floating and the strong winds blowing at the top will stay etched in one’s memory. There are multiple caves ,ancient forts and a small temple at the top. Overall excellent place for trek and to spend some time watching the brilliance of nature at it’s majestic peak