The Unknown and little hidden gem Jenu Goodu Betta is about 39km from Mysuru, located in Ankanahalli village. Sri Lord Anjaneya Swamy Temple is present on the top of the hillock. Lord Hanuman idol present in this temple is Udbhava Murthy. Ancient temple believed to be of Chola Dynasty and previously used to be covered with lots of Beehive. Hence it gets it name Jenu Goodu Betta. From the top of the Anjaneya Swamy Temple one can trek through the muddy and rocky path to reach the behind of the hillock where Sri Betada Chikamma Devi Temple is present in a cave. Also there are stone steps to reach the top of Betada Chikamma Devi Temple, but suggest to trek to enjoy the mesmerising nature that surrounds this place. The view from top is eye soothing. Calm, peaceful and blissful place. Overall the blessings of Sri Lord Anjaneya Swamy and Sri Betada Chikamma Devi with a short climbing adventure around rocks makes this a must visit with friends and family