The Unknown and Tranquil Sri Aidalla Giri Ranganatha Swamy Forest Hill Temple is about 132km from Mysuru, located in Idalla Kaval village. What to say, just an amazing forest bathing place. One needs to go through muddy road inside a forest to reach the top of the hill. The ride inside the forest is eye soothing. The hill is surrounded by wind farm and is a treat to watch. Ancient Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple is present at the top of the hill. The idol of Sri Ranganatha Swamy is Udhbhava Murthy. Forest area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Luck me i got to see Monitor Lizard. Overall the mesmerizing nature surrounding this place with the blessings of Sri Ranganatha Swamy makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family