The Unknown and Mythical, Ancient, Trekking, Tranquil no words to describe this heaven, Lord Sri Rama Hill Cave Temple is about 69km from Bengaluru, 194km from Mysuru, located in Aralihalli village. Place where Lord Sri Rama stayed along with Goddess Sitha mathe. Sitha mathe saree mark can be seen at the top of the hill. What a place, what a trek. One needs to go through forest to reach the top of this place. There are arrow marks throughout the trail. Lord Shiva Linga can be seen in a cave middle of the hill. Lord Shiva Linga temple along with Basaveshwara swamy idol can be seen at the top. There is water well next to a cave at the top where water is filled throughout the year, multiple Lord Shiva linga can be seen in this cave. In front of these Lord Shiva Lingas, Goddess Sitha mathe Saree mark can be seen. The view from above is heavenly and jaw breaking. One can explore further at the top and find Ancient sculpture, ruins. Overall the blessings of Lord Sri Rama, Lord Eshwara and the once in a lifetime trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family