The Unknown and Magnificent Agile Kunti Betta is about 184km from Bengaluru, 106km from Mysuru, located Agile village. There is muddy road that leads to the below of the hill. Sri Bhima Swamy Temple is present at the below and is the starting point for the trek. There are stone steps that leads all the way to the top. The place is covered by stones and is a treat to watch. One can choose tough route to trek to the top. The view from above is peaceful. Goddess Kunti Temple is present at the top. Udhbhava murthy of Goddess Kunti on top of a Almighty Shiva Linga idol is present inside the temple. Legend as it that while Goddess Kunti stayed here, she asked Lord Bhima to get her Viledele (Betel leaf). But Bhima took lot of time to get it, as a result an angry Goddess Kunti pushed Bhima from the top and Bhima landed at the bottom and turned himself to Udhbhava murthy. Hence Sri Bhima Swamy Temple can be seen at the below. Ideal place for photography and trekking. I got to see couple of huge owl at this place. Overall the blessings of Goddess Kunti and the ancient history of this place, makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family