The Unknown and Ancient Heaven Sri Dasharatha Rameshwara Vajra is about 185km from Bengaluru, 194km from Mysuru, located in Pujari Thanda. Legend has it that Shravana Kumara went to get water for his Father and Mother, King Dasharatha father of Lord Sri Ram during his hunting time mistakely killed Shravana Kumara using an arrow. Later King Dasharatha informed the same to the Father and Mother that he mistakenly killed their son. They cursed King Dasharatha that he to die in the hands of this son Lord Sri Ram and they left their last breath. To composite to the unintentional action performed by him, King Dasharatha built a temple with all the three bodies buried at this place. An idol of Shravana Kumara holding his Father and Mother can be seen here. There is good thar road all the way to this temple. The sacred water flows throughout the year from the cave. It is believed that there is a suranga behind the Almighty Lord Shiva udhbhava murthy cave temple. Sri Veerabhadra swamy temple is also present here. Lots of Monkeys can be seen here. Overall the mythical ancient history of this place and the blessings of Almighty Lord Shiva makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family