The Unknown and Mythical Heaven Harihareshwara Swamy Cave Temple is about 162km from Mysuru, located in Upparkalenahalli village. Place visited by Lord Sri Rama and Lord Sri Lakshmana on the way to Lanka. There is Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu and Sri Maheshwara udhbhava murthy inside the Cave Temple. It is believed that Almighty Lord Eshwara requested Lord Sri Ram to stop by this place and assist in killing a powerful demon that terrorised this place. Hence after killing the demon, Sri Lord Rama temple was also built here. The weapon used by Lord Sri Rama is available inside the temple. The complete history of this place can be heard in the voice of Archakaru in the video uploaded. The hill surrounding this place adds a mesmerizing touch to this place. Sri Siddeshwara Swamy hill temple and Sri Adagalamma Devi Forest Temple are some of the other attraction around this place. Overall the Ancient history surrounding this place with the blessings of all the mighty Hindu Gods makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family