The Unknown and Ancient Japadakatte is about 70km from Mysuru, 3km from Hebsur village. Home of Lord Japeshwara (one of the form of Lord Shiva).Lord Sri Ram on the way to Lanka visited this place and worshipped Lord Jappeshwara. Lord Jappeshwara, Gangadhareshwara, Goddess Sharadamba, Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya idol are present here. It is believed that Jabala Maharshi has performed tapas here. River Cauvery flows from North to South direction, hence the main idol in the temple is facing North direction. Coming to the majestic River Cauvery that flows beside this temple, it is an ideal place for Swimming, Photography and playing in water. One can fish little bit far from this temple. Overall the blessings of Lord Japeshwara and the calm, peaceful picnic atmosphere of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family