The Mighty, Majestic and unknown Bhimana Kindi Hill is about 81km from Mysuru and about 90km from Bengaluru. 10km from Halaguru city located on Mysore-Kanakapura Highway. This Hill has a Natural Rock Arch and Mythology says that Lord Bheema sliced the rocks with his mace ( gade) into two pieces, hence this place is known as Bhimana Kindi. The hill is sorrounded with lot of tress and covered with mist, clouds passing by. One has to go through the coconut farm and through the muddy road to reach the bottom of the hill. From there one has to climb about more than 500 stone steps in order to reach the top of hill. The 35 light poles is a source of guidance to the top of the hill. This makes the trek more fun. Once you reach the top of the hill, the view from top is just Amazing, breathtaking views all around. One can sit, gaze those beautiful clouds and Sky and relax for hours and enjoy the cool breeze blowing. Animals like Bear, Elephant are found here, hence its advisable to travel in groups and avoid late nigh trekking or camping here. Overall an Amazing place for Trekking with lot of Nature Beauty around, a must visit place