The Unknown and Gigantic HulisidegowdanaDoddi Kere/Banikuppe is about 49km from Bengaluru, 3km from Jakkasandra village. The lake covers about 40acres of land. Ideal place to cycle from Bengaluru to this lake and watch the Sunrise and also during late evening. Suggest to carry a Binocular as there are lot of birds including Peacock. The ride and walk on the bund is refreshing. The water in this lake is Cauvery water which is supplied from the water pump house near the village. The water flows majestically and joins the Vrishabhavathi river trail. Fishing is done using Coracle and nets. The lake is covered with Lotus which is a treat to watch. Overall the eye soothing nature beauty surrounding this place makes this a must visit with Friends and Family