One of the Wonders of the World Balancing Rock. The Unknown and Ultra Paradise Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Cave Hill Temple is about 139km from Mysuru, 228km from Bengaluru, located in Herur Changadihalli village. There are no proper roads to reach the top of the hill. One needs to hire a 4*4 jeep available below the hill which cost about 2k and with a capacity of max 7 persons so around 300rs per person two way ride. Or one needs to have a powerful bhp two wheeler with high ground clearance or 4*4 jeep in order to reach the top on their own. The view from above is mind blowing cant express one needs to visit and feel it. Balancing Rock is another main attraction of this place along with Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Cave temple. The trail to Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Cave temple is thrilling as one needs to go through a set of uneven rocks. Please carry a torch along with you for better view inside the cave and the udhbhava murthy idol. What a place, ideal for nature photography and hardcore ride/drive experience. Overall the blessings of Sri Siddeshwara Swamy and one of a kind tranquil experience of this place makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family