The unknown and Ancient Shri Desheshwara Temple is about 45km from Mysuru, located in Muguru village. Built during Cholda Dynasty,1200years old temple. It is believed that Sri Adi Shankaracharya has placed Lord Shiva linga in this temple.Very calm, peaceful and blissful place. There is also the famous goddess Tripurasundari temple, also called as Thibbadevi(currently undergoing renovation). The epic says, there resides the deity’s better half, Lord Shiva and her sister too. So, two temples, one each for Lord Shiva and another for Thibbadevi’s sister exists in this village.There will be a famous fair that happens here during the month of January or February, mostly during the festival of Sankranthi. This fair is locally known as “Chiguru odoya jaatre”. Overall the blessings of Lord Almighty Shiva and the rich history of this place maskes this a must visit with friends and family