The Unknown and Paradise Sri Muneshwara Betta is about 75km from Bengaluru, 103km from Mysuru, located in T.Gollahalli village. There is a muddy road that leads all the way to the top. In Ancient Times there was a huge stone and beside this stone there was a Tamarind tree where RushiMunigalu Sri Muneshwara Swamy use to performed Tapas and used to live inside the Gavi. Later Sri Muneshwara Swamy turned himself to Udhbhava Murthy. Above the Gavi now a Basava Statue has been built. Neerina Sone can be seen behind the Gavi and a Shiva Linga with 7 headed Snake sculpture with Sri Chakra is carved here. During the time of this sculpture carving everyday a Snake used to guard this place till the sculpture got completed. It is also believed that any cow that went missing, after performing pooja here the cow used to appear here the next day. There is also a suranga (tunnel) from here to a nearby village. The view from above is jaw breaking. Forest area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. The whole area, about 1000 acres belongs to Mysuru Maharaja Family. Overall the eye soothing nature surrounding this place with blessings of Sri Muneshwara Swamy, makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family