The unknown and Gigantic Haddina Kallu Anjaneya Temple on Hill is about 89km from Mysuru, 101km from Bengaluru, 12 km from Yadiyur town. What to say about this place, just another amazing heavenly trekking place. The place gets it names from three different stories. Story one says that Lord Sri Hanuman kept his first step below the hill and the second on top of the hill and looking after the place sharp as eagles eye. Second story is that during the time of Chola Dynasty, the place was covered with lot of eagles. While the Cholas carried the idol of Lord Hanuman from below the hill to the top, they passed the eagles without any trouble. As if the Eagles respected Lord Sri Hanuman. The final story is that the idol of Lord Hanuman looks like an Eagle with it arms stretched. Idol of Indrajit the eldest son of Ravana is present below Sri Anjaneya idol. Stone steps that lead all the way to the top and breathtaking views at each intervals makes the trek to the top memorable. Looking for a hardcore climbing with mesmerising nature with Ancient history and blessings of Lord Sri Hanuman makes this a must visit with friends and family