The unknown and little gem Sri Amrutha Narayana Swamy Hill is about 29km from Bengaluru, 2km from Lingapura village. Best to cycle from Bengaluru and enjoy the Sunrise from this place. Sri Amrutha Narayana Swamy Temple is located on a small hillock, very peaceful, calm and blissful. It is believed that during the Chola Dynasty the Kamba present in Sri Anjanaye Swamy Temple which is far from this place was submerge in one of the lake and the Kamba appeared in Sri Amrutha Narayana Swamy Hill. One can see lot of squirrel at this place, as Sri Lord Rama is very found of squirrel. Kalyani at the below of the hill is sacred. Have a short day in hand and want to get away from city busy life this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit with Friends and Family