The Historical and Ancient Pancha Lingeshwara Temple is about 75km from Mysuru and 167km from Bengaluru. 19km from Krishnarajpete Town. The name “Panchalingeshwara” literally means “five Linga” (Pancha – Five and Linga – the universal symbol of the god Shiva).The famous sculptor of Hoysala, this temple was constructed around 1238 A.D. Apart from the Lingas, one can find the entire family sculptor of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvathi, Lord Subramanya and Lord Ganesha on the doorway of Sri. Agoreshwara deity. Also one can find the sculptor of twin snakes, the male snake bearing seven heads and the female snake bearing five heads, this is quite unique as this kind of pair is available only here. Each of the Shiva Linga has an accompanying Nandhi just outside the sanctum , which is just as unique as the Lingas. Overall a very Mystical place with beautiful architecture sculptor of Hoysala Dynasty which makes this a must visit place