The Unknown and Marvelous Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy Betta is about 134km from Mysuru, located in Adinayakanahalli village. There is muddy trail in between a farm that leads to the below of the hill. From there stone steps are available to reach the top of the hill. Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy temple is present at the top. It is believed that once area survey was being done by local authorities using a drone. They suddenly spotted a unusual creature through their drone. When they visited near to check the creature, they saw a 7 headed snake and a huge python. The view from above is eye soothing. Ideal place for photography. Ancient place where Sri Rushi Muni have performed tapas. Forest area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Overall the blessings of Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy and short trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family