The Unknown and all in one Heaven Shree Marudeshwara Swamy Cave Temple is 43km from Mysuru, located in Maradipura village. There is good thar road with sugarcane field and nilgiri trees either side all the way to the temple, making the ride to this place mesmerizing. Sri Mathi Thaleshwara Swamy, Sri Subramanya Swamy, Sri Marudeshwara Swamy, Sri Malikarjuna Swamy and Sri Basaveshwara Swamy Temple is present here. One can also see a Ancient Chola Dynasty temple with Almighty Lord Shiva Linga inside the temple and Ancient script written on a white coloured stone. The idol inside Shree Marudeshwara Swamy Temple is udhbhava murthy. River Kaveri flows Majestically beside the temple and is a treat to watch. One can play, swim and fish in the river. The place is also covered by lush tress with rocks. Ideal place to walk around and for photography. Place where Sri Udhanda Mahaswamy and Sri Basmanandha Mahaswamy performed Tapas. Overall the blessings of multiple gods and the tranquil nature all around makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family