The Unknown and Blissful Sri Rameshwara Temple is about 26km from Mysuru, 4km from Debur village. What to say just an amazing heavenly place. It is believed that after the Kanchana Theru was taken away by Holeyamma Devamma from her brother Lord Rameshwara. Lord Rameshwara stepped Holeyamma Devamma into the ground and the 5th step by Lord Rameshwara was kept at this place.The place where Lord Rameshwara footprint is present the land is Barren Land. No matter how hard someone tries, but cannot grow anything on the footprint land. Sri Kamakshi Amman Sanidi is present here.Ancient Chola Dynasty temple and the ancient Script can been seen on the slab.There is a pump house near the temple and fishing is done using boat,nets and angling. Kabini River flows gracefully. Rama Navami festival is a special occasion for this temple. Overall the Blessings of Sri Rameshwara and the ancient history of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family