Sri Lord Venkataramana Swamy Birth Place, The Unknown and Ancient Mythical Heaven Hikkallu Betta Shri Venkataramana Gudi is about 65km from Bengaluru, 176km from Mysuru, located in Sathagatta village. There is thar road all the way to the top of the hill. Place where Sri Lord Venkataramana swamy was performing tapas inside a snake antill. A cow was performing Abhisheka on Sri Lord Venkataramana swamy by giving its milk. But when the cow was being axed, Sri Lord Venkataramana swamy gave his head to the axe. Place where Goddess Lakshmi and Princess Padmavathi came in search of Sri Lord Venkataramana Swamy and became udhbhava murthy under a serpant marked cave on top of this hill. Turtle shaped idol udhbhava murthy can be seen oposite to Sri Lord Venkataramana Swamy which will accept only milk and not water. Complete history can be heard in the voice of Archakaru, uploaded in the video. The view from above is peacefull and refreshing. Sri Naga Devathe Udbhava murthy idol can also be seen at the top. Overall the blessings of Sri Lord Venkataramana Swamy, Goddess Lakshmi, Princess Padmavathi, Sri Naga Devathe and the ancient history of this place makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family