As part of creating awareness on the unknown lakes that are being filled only during rainy season and being dry throughout the other season as there is no pipe connecting from water channels or rivers. Most of these lakes are being converted to sites, apartments and layouts. There are birds that travel from other counties like Russia and lay eggs in the tress present in this lakes. Thus this is effecting the migration process of these Birds. Hence its a humble request for you guys to visit the near by unknown lakes which is near to your place. The more the number of visitors the higher chance of these unknown lakes getting converted into Tourist spot and surviving for a long period. Here is a special Vlog of one such unknown lake that is home to many migrated Birds. The unknown and eye soothing Madagalli Doddakere is about 10km from Mysuru, located in Madagalli village. There is small muddy trail that leads all the way to the lake. From the end of trail one needs to walk few meters to reach the small waterfall. One can sit and enjoy in the flowing waterfall. The lake covers about 32 acres and is 22ft deep. The place is home to lot of migrated birds that are from different countries. Request you to carry a binocular. Ideal place to cycle early morning or in the afternoon and enjoy the eye soothing nature all around. Lot of peacocks can be spotted here. The place is surrounded by mango tress. Swimming and playing in water is allowed, however fishing is restricted as it is in private tender. Overall looking for a tranquil heavenly experience in this rainy season, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family