The Unknown and Remarkable Sri Jenukallu Siddeshwara Swamy Devastana Betta is about 134km from Mysuru, 6km from Arsikere town. Place where Pandavas stayed. Place where Sri Jenukallu Siddeshwara Swamy performed tapas and left his footprint at top of the hill. One needs to climb about 600+ stone steps to reach the top of the hill. The stone steps has railing and roof cover.The view from top is calm, peaceful and eye soothing. The place is covered by Bees, hence it gets the name Jenukallu. Complete history of this place can be heard from the voice of Archakaru uploaded in the video. Overall the blessings of Sri Jenukallu Siddeshwara Swamy and the climbing experience with mesmerising blissful nature all around makes this a must visit with friends and family