The Unknown and Massive Heaven Sri Channappaji Swamy Betta is about 72km from Bengaluru, 87km from Mysuru, located in Kodambahalli village. There is muddy road that leads all the way to the top of the hill. One can also trek from below. The view from above is jaw dropping. Sri Channappaji Swamy and Sri Siddappaji Swamy Temple is present at top of the hill. Legend has it that Archakaru Sri Channappaji Swamy was looking after this place. Sri Channappaji Swamy was so pure hearted that he used to remove his intestine clean it and then place it back inside his body. After Sri Channappaji Swamy demise, his body was placed in his village and a basadi was built. But it is believed that Sri Channappaji Swamy rose from death and came to this hill and became Sri Channappaji Swamy idol. Even now it is believed that Sri Channappaji Swamy travels on a Tiger daily night from his village to this place and the footprints of the tiger can be seen when it rains. Till now it is not possible to light up Sri Channappaji Swamy basadi surrounding area using electricity bulbs as it burns instantly. Also the field where Sri Channappaji Swamy used to do agriculture one should not built or take anything from that place, if so they will be cursed to death. Overall the mesmerising nature surrounding this place, the blessings of Sri Channappaji Swamy and Sri Siddappaji Swamy with ancient history makes this a must visit picnic, trekking place with friends and family