The Unknown and Paradise Panchakoota Basadi is about 125km from Bengaluru, 72km from Mysuru, located in Kambadahalli village. A visual treat to all the Sculpture lovers. Ancient architecture at its best. The temple was built by the kings of Western Ganga dynasty. The whole history of this place can be seen on a board as soon as you enter this place. The temple is assignable to 900-100AD. One can walk around this place and gaze at the magnificent sculptures all day long. This place is the finite example of the southern dvitala vimana type falling under the three classes namely Nagara, Dravida and Vesara over a Samachaturasra body dedicated to Jain faith. The road to this place is good. The name Kambadahalli means a village with pillar. Currently the temple is under the watchful eyes of Archaeology Department. Overall a must visit place with Friends and Family