The Unknown and Marvellous Shri BrahmaLingeshwara Swamy Hill is about 30km from Mysuru, located in Talasasana village. Legend has it that a pregnant lady tried to climb this hill but could not succeed. As a result Shri BrahmaLingeshwara Swamy moved from the hill top to a place below the hill. One day a Bullock Cart Wheel got stuck in a place below and when looked by the local resident Shri BrahmaLingeshwara Swamy idol udhbhava murthy was found. Shri BrahmaLingeshwara Swamy appeared in the dreams of local resident and requested to inform the Maharaja of Mysuru about the whole incident. Mysuru Maharaja visited this place built a temple below and created a meditation, resting place above the hill. There is a small trail to reach the top of the hillock. The view from above is calm, peaceful and tranquil. Ideal place to cycle from Mysuru and enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset from here. Overall the blessings of Shri BrahmaLingeshwara Swamy and the mesmerising eye soothing nature all around makes this a must visit with friends and family