Thattekere Lake is about 127km from Mysuru and 61km from Bengaluru. Most of us would have never heard of Thattekere Lake. Thattekere Lake is one of the pleasing places to visit. The waters of the Lake look brilliant just after dawn when the Sun is rising making it one of the most beautiful places to visit. Thattekere Lake attracts hundreds of birds especially at dawn making it a haven for bird watchers with watch towers nearby. Located in the midst of an Elephant corridor, the area around the Lake has electric fences as there have been fatal encounters of people with the wild elephants. Bordered by hills on the other side and a thick forest Surrounding it, the cool breeze gives a sweet thrill. The Lake on one side has a line up of tall Nilgiri trees. The lake is spread over the forest and looks majestic. A secret lake, hidden away situated in the middle of the small hills. As the lake is circular in shape it is called Thatte, means plate in Kannada. There is a temple called Kanive Mahadeswara temple near the lake. Overall for nature lovers, people who enjoy village side drives, bird watchers and bird photographers this place is a paradise