The Ancient Rameshwara Swamy Temple known as second Dakshina Kashi is about 80km from Mysuru, situated at Ramanathapura village. There are two Lord Shiva Lingas, one is believed to be placed by Lord Sri Ram to wash away the sin of killing Ravana and the other by Lord Hanuman. The Ancient History of this place can be heard in the voice of Poojaru uploaded in the video. River cauvery flows sublime and one can swim and play in the water. There are fishes that can be fed and the place is known as God Fish Pushkarani. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple, Sri Pattabhi Rama Temple, Prasanna Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple, Sri Agastyeshwara Swamy Temple are some of the other attraction of this place. Overall the calm, peaceful, ancient history of this place and the blessings of Lord Sri Ram makes this a must visit with friends and family