The Unknown and Paradise Shri Jayagowneshwara Hill Temple is about 106km from Mysuru, 141km from Bengaluru, located in Virupakshapura village. There is thar road till middle of the hill and from there one needs to go through a muddy trail to reach the top. From top one needs to climb few stone steps to reach the peak of the rock hill. The temple at the peak is said to be built during Hoysala Dynasty by King Vishnuvardhana. The view from above is jaw breaking especially watching the coconut farm below, with heavy wind blowing all around. Ancient scriptures and sculptures can be seen at the front of the temple. Cheetah area, hence late night visit and camping is restricted. The temple is open only on Monday and during full moon. Sri Male Malleshwara Swamy Temple is present below this hill. Looking to sit at the top of a hill and gaze the beauty of nature all day long, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit place with friends and family