I know everyone is familiar with Chamundi Hills and back trail of Chamundi Hills, but do check Sri Male Mahadeswara Swamy Sanidhi Temple. The Unknown and Little Hidden Heaven gem Sri Male Mahadeswara Swamy Sanidhi Temple is about 10km from Mysuru, 1km from Lalitaddripura area. There is muddy trail that leads all the way to the temple. Chamundi Hills view behind adds a magical touch to this place. It is believed that a Brahmin Family staying in Agrahara area Mysuru brought the Shiva Linga from Dharmasthala Town, Dakshina Kannada and gave it to a Tambodiga avaru who was one of the resident of near by village. Later the Shiva Linga was placed at this place and a temple was built around this. It is believed that this Temple is older than 200years. Lucky me it was raining and it was eye soothing to watch the surrounding of this place. Calm, peaceful and tranquil place. Ideal place to cycle to this place, take a dip in the pond that contains the flowing fresh water from Chamundi Hills and then visit the temple. Forest area, hence late night camping and trekking is restricted. Overall the blessings of Sri Male Mahadeswara Swamy and heavenly nature beauty all around makes this a must visit with friends and family