The Unknown and Ultra Trekking Heaven Shri Rangadhama Bettadanetti Gudi Forest Hill Temple is about 100km from Bengaluru, 188km from Mysuru, located in Mallekavu village. The trek to hill top is divided into two hill parts. One needs to climb or if you have a strong ridding skill you can ride your powerful bhp bike to the top of the first hill. The fun and hardcore part comes in the second part where one needs to go through a set of thorn plants and overgrown grass to reach the top of the hill. There are stone steps to the top but currently some are destroyed and others are covered by grass which is impossible to track. After 95% of trek there are hand rails. Suggest to completely cover yourself with trek gear to avoid slippery climb and from thorns. Lord Ranganatha Swamy udhbhava murthy is present at the top of the hill and is blissful. The temple is surrounded by 360 degree of pure heaven. Cant express the feeling of being in top, one needs to visit and feel it. Sunrise and Sunset are mesmerizing to watch from top. Forest area, hence night trekking and camping is restricted. Overall the blessings of Lord Ranganatha Swamy and once in a lifetime trekking experience makes this a must visit trekking place with friends and family