The Unknown and Heavenly Beladakuppe Sri Mahadeshwara Temple is about 77km from Mysuru, located in Ankupura village. This place will remain in my Heart Forever as it is so Mesmerising. The place is surrounded by Bandipur Tiger Reserve And National Park. Hence only four wheeler is allowed. Any two wheeler needs to be stopped at the check post. There is small van service from check post which cost about 30rs per head for to and fro service.Coming to the place what an Amazing Wildlife. From check post till the temple it is about 3-5km muddy road. I got to see Comodo Dragon, Byson, Deer, Tiger, Sambar Deer, Elephant and other wild Animals. Photography of these wild animals is strictly prohibited. Hence it is not advised to stop in the middle of the trail. Ancient Sri Mahadeshwara temple consists of 108 Lord Almighty Shiva Linga. The idol inside the temple is Udhbhava Murthy. The green grass, hill, bright sky and clouds adds a magical touch to this place. The temple is under the watchful eyes of Forest Rangers and CCTV camera. Hence wandering around or creating video around this place without permission is strictly prohibited. Overall the once in a lifetime wildlife experience with the blessings of Almighty Beladakuppe Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy makes this a must visit with friends and family