The Unknown and Heavenly Sri Vajra Theertha Rameshwara Swamy Temple is about 125km from Bengaluru, 144km from Mysuru, located in Yarrekatte village. Place where Lord Sri Rama performed Tapas. Since there was no water in this place to perform pooja, Lord Sri Rama used his arrow that eventually lead in creation of Ganga water in this place. There are five Udhbhava Murthy Linga inside the temple in which every year during Shiva Ratri/Ugadi Festivals one of the Shiva Linga disappears and a new Shiva Linga appears. Sri Parvathamma, Sri Vigneshwara, Sri Veerabhadreshwara Swamy, Sri Kalabyrava Swamy, Sri Ganagamathe, Navagraha Temples are present here along with Sri Anjanaya Swamy temple on Hill which can be reached by stone steps from this place. God appeared in the dreams of Raja Are Madanayaka and asked him to built a temple around this place, which he did. Mudiyappa Nayakana Kotte Fort can also be seen here which was built by Raja Are Madanayaka as his Summer Palace. The ride to this place is fantastic with good thar road and eye soothing Hills all around. Overall the blessings of Sri Vajra Theertha Rameshwara Swamy and the ancient history surrounding this place makes this a must visit Picnic place with Friends and Family