Chunchi fall is located on river Arkavati. The waterfall is nestled among the amazing ranges of rocks. You can park your vehicle in the open field there and walk inside the rocky area, Initially you will find a straight cut way to walk down for about 300 meters. Then you will find a canal bridge. As you will be eager to see water, you will immediately be excited to see that canal water and bridge in the jungle.Then gradually there will be no demarcated route to walk. You will land up in a rocky zone, where you can either go nowhere (if you are scared) or you can go anywhere (if you can jump on the rocks),The place surrounded by green forests andis adventurous.River Arkavati dives from a gorge into 80 feet deep eroded rock pit. The terrain around is rocky and has taken a shape of numerous holes because of the continuous erosion by the water over the millions of years and today it stands like a modern art, inviting visitors from all around, The falls are next to a village named Chunchi, so the name Chunchi falls. From the road this village is few kilometers inside. This splendid place of natural beauty and adventure is hidden to the bypasser on the main road. To view this beautiful place one has to do a fair amount of trekking. The rock surface is quite slippery and is advised to walk with shoe having a good grip. The naturally eroded rocks and the twigs of the trees around become your natural stairs and fence, as you walk all along to reach the place where river Arkavati cascades and falls into a natural 80 feet deep pit. One would just get mesmerized by the wonders