The Unknown and Godly Heaven Devagundi Hill, Shri Parvathamalleshwara Swamy Cave hill Temple and Shri Dasharateshwara Swamy Gudi is about 89km from Bengaluru, 174km from Mysuru, located in Konthihalli village. Place where Shri Dasharateshwara Swamy and Pandavas stayed. Shri Dasharateshwara Swamy built the temple below and it consists of a big Shiva Linga idol. One needs to trek few meters from below to reach the Shri Parvathamalleshwara Swamy Cave Temple which is located in the middle of the hill. It is believed that Heavenly Goddess used to take a dip in the water present in the top of the hill. One can trek further from the middle of the temple to the top and explore the multiple gavi. Complete history of the place can be heard in the voice of Archakaru uploaded in the video. Ancient Sculptures including idol of Sri Lakshmi Narayan Swamy can be seen below. The view from above is mesmerizing. Overall the blessings of multiple gods and the hardcore trekking experience to the top makes this a must visit place with friends and family