The Unknown, Heavenly, Gorgeous, no words to describe just Amazing place Suvarnamukhi Temple in middle of a forest is about 22km from Bengaluru, 4 km from Boothanahalli village. Till date out of all these 6 years of me exploring all the unknown place around Mysuru and Bengaluru, this is the second unknown place with such eye soothing nature which i have seen, just Fantastic Forest Bathing. One needs to walk through the trail which is next to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple hillock (mentioned in previous post) located in Kalkere village to reach this place. The walk through the forest is refreshing at the same time need to be cautious as Wild Elephants and other wild animals are present. Hence it is advisable to visit this place during day time especially on Pournami (Full Moon Day), Amavasya (Half Moon Day), Saturday, Sunday and on Government Holidays as there will be local villagers visiting the temple to offer pooja. Late night visit is strictly restricted. People without kids visit here and pile up stones in a certain ritual way and believed to be blessed with kids. The Pushkarini, Kalyani or Mythical Pond present here, it is believed that the dip in this pond cures skin diseases and takes away the negative, curse. The pond is emptied once an year so that the rock at the bottom engraved with the image of Anjaneya is worshipped. This is the place where Emperor Janamejaya took bath and prayed, later tuned to a golden body after which he was cured from sarpa dosha (curse from the snake). Hence this place is called Suvarnamukhi. Also it is believed that a dog enter the pond and came out of village which is miles away from this place. Nageshwara Temple, Sri Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple, Shree Amba Bhavani Temple and Sri Bhavani Shankar Eshwara Temple, Someshwara Temple are some of the other temples present in this place, very blissful. My only request is that more number of people visit this place so that the good thar road which is currently closed now as part of forest protection can me made open with proper protection for people to visit in more number. Currently only way to visit this place is walking through forest and not feasible to all ages. Overall the mind refreshing nature beauty, ancient history and the blissful of this place makes it a must visit with Friends and Family