The Unknown and Tranquil Heaven Shree Thonnu Rakasamma Hill Temple is about 68km from Mysuru, 123km from Bengaluru, located in Haravanapura village. One needs to go through the muddy trail all the way to the top. Forest reserve area, hence visit to the top is allowed only with the Temple Archakaru. The Temple Archakaru visit only on Thursday and Sunday. So you need to be present below the hill around 7am morning on Thursday or Sunday, next to a small stall so that you can go along with Archakaru to top. The trek to the top is refreshing. The view from top especially the surrounding hill is mesmerizing. Ancient Shree Thonnu Rakasamma udhbhava murthy temple is present at the top. Shree Thonnu Rakasamma Buntaru Sri Mari shetty and his wife idol can also be seen here. It is believed that elephants and Tiger visit this place and take the blessings from the Goddess. The complete history of this place can be heard in the voice of Sri Prakash Shetty Archakaru uploaded in the video. Overall the blessings of Shree Thonnu Rakasamma, the eye soothing nature surrounding this place makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family