The Unknown and Magnificent Karekandappa Hill is about 35km from Mysuru, located in Dodda Byadarahalli village. There are multiple trails created by Forest department around this hill, but the route to this place starts from the big pond that can be seen below the Karekandappa hill. Ancient Mallappa Temple is present on a hillock which is on the way to the this hill and believed to be of Chola Dynasty. There are only stone steps to reach the top of Karekandappa Hill, hence it is advised to ride till the top only if you have a powerful Bhp vehicle. The idol inside the temple is Udhbhava Murthy. There is a Chikkayana temple in a near by village and it is said the GOD moved from Chikkayana Temple to the temple which is above the hill. The ride around the forest is tranquil and eye soothing. Late night trekking and camping is restricted. Have a short day in hand and looking for mesmerising nature trek, this is the place to be thus making this a must visit with friends and family