The Unknown and Little Heaven Sri Hallada Ranganatha Swamy Cave Temple is about 193km from Bengaluru, 129km from Mysuru, located in Ramadevarahalla Kaval village. One needs to walk few steps below to reach this cave temple. Sri Ranganatha Swamy visited this place on a elephant. Later Sri Ranganatha Swamy turned himself to udhbhava murthy inside this cave. The elephant turned itself to a stone and can be seen here. Water is always flowing from the feet of Sri Ranganatha Swamy idol, earlier it was flowing from top the idol head. Bunt community god Sri Butharaiya looks after this place and the udhbhava murthy of Sri Butharaiya can be seen here. The place is covered by forest. Overall the blessings of Sri Ranganatha Swamy and Sri Butharaiya with tranquil nature of this place makes this a must visit place with Friends and Family