The Unknown and Heavenly, Gorgeous, Gigantic, Mesmerising, no words to describe just Amazing place Sri Kondadamma Temple in middle of a huge forest is about 98km from Bengaluru, 81km from Mysuru, 12km from Halagur village. Till date i have not seen any unknown place with such eye soothing nature, just lovely. One needs to go below the muddy trial opposite to Ganalu Falls and also a small trail covered in grass either side to reach this place. Shimsha River flows Majestically and is a treat to watch sitting on the sand, gives a beach feeling. Need to cross the rocks and bushy grass to reach the top of the temple. The place has some wild animals like Python, Elephant, Bear. Hence it is advisable to visit during day time especially on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday as there will be local villagers visiting the temple to offer pooja. The blessing from Sri Kondadamma is just blissful. Overall an ideal place for Hardcore Trekking during day time and not late evenings, thus making this a must visit place