The Unknown and Marvellous Sri Kambadaraya Swamy Forest hill Temple is about 83km from Bengaluru, 84km from Mysuru, located in Basavana Betta Forest. The ride to this place is mesmerizing as one needs to go through forest muddy road inorder to reach the top of the hill. In between the ride you can spot water flowing that appear to be like a mini waterfall. Initially there was a Udhbhava murthy of Shiva Linga, which was unintentional destroyed by a Wild Elephant. Later Sri Anjanaya Swamy idol was placed on this Shiva Linga. Hence this place is also called Sri Muthuraya/Anjanaya Swamy Hill Temple. Ideal place for Photography and Forest Bathing. The view from above is Breathtaking. Forest area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. On the way to this place, there is Harihara Lake that adds a special touch to this place. Overall the abundant heavenly nature surrounding this place, the amazing ride and the blessings of Sri Kambadaraya Swamy makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family