For you all lovely Bengalureans who were asking me for a nearby unknown paradise place, this one is for you. The Unknown and Heavenly Shankareshwara Betta is about 74km from Bengaluru, 97km from Mysuru, located in Modur village. There is stone muddy road that leads to the top of the hill. The view from above is jaw breaking. Chola Dynasty temple with Shiva Linga inside the temple. There is a pond beside the temple and never dries up. It is believed that whenever Jatre happens in Basavanna Temple Santhemavathuru village which is about 3km from this place, a golden teru appears in the pond. The temple is open only on Monday from 8am till 9am/10am. Ideal place for photography. Overall the blessings of Sri Shankareshwara Swamy and mesmerizing nature all around makes this a must visit picnic place from Friends and Family