Nrityagram is India’s first modern Gurukul (residential school) for Indian classical dances and an intentional community in the form of a dance village. .Nrityagram situated 175km from Mysuru and 36km from Bengaluru, is a community of dancers in a forsaken place amidst nature.The moment you enter and step into Nrityagram, you know its going to be something of its own kind. A place where you breathe, eat, sleep, dream, talk, imagine and dance. Nrityagram offers people a unique opportunity to view classes / rehearsals – a facility available nowhere else in the world.Far from city’s hustle and bustle, this place offer you peace of mind and satisfies your love for classical dance. Lot of greenery, beautiful wall arts. The dance school is so blended with nature, it visualizes the ashram atmosphere that stretch our imagination while reading mythologies.Overall a great experience