The Unknown and all in one heaven Shri Uddana Veerabhadraswami Temple, Sri Kodi Siddheshwara Temple and Halenijagal lake is about 58km from Bengaluru, 168km from Mysuru, located in Hale Nijagal. There is muddy road all the way to this place. Shri Uddana Veerabhadraswami Temple which is present on a hillock can be seen first. Sri Veerabhadraswami udhbhava murthy is present at the top along with udhbhava murthy of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva cave temple.Few meters from this place Sri Kodi Siddheshwara Temple can be seen. Sri Siddheshwara swamy udhbhava murthy is present here. Halenijagal Lake adds a special touch to this place. The place is surrounded by hills. One can trek further around this hills. The view all around is tranquil. Looking for a quick get away from city busy life this is the place to be, thus making this a must visit picnic place with friends and family