The Unknown and Ultra Fort Trekking Heaven Basmangi Fort Hill is about 132km from Bengaluru, 202 km from Mysuru, located in Basmangi village. What a place, what a trek. No words to describe simply Amazing place. There are stone steps all the way to the top of the Fort Hill. Ancient Sculptures and ruins can be seen on the way till the top. Huge Sri Basaveshwara Swamy idol at the top and in the middle of the hill Sri Anjeya Swamy Idol is present. The view from above is priceless, cant be described one needs visit and feel it. Fort once home to multiple Kings including the Maharaja of Mysuru. Lots of wild animals is present, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Ideal place to watch the Sunrise and Sunset. Overall the mesmerizing trek all the way to the top of the fort and the Ancient History of this hill makes this a must visit place with friends and family