The Unknown and Ancient Heaven Sri Purushottamateertha Guhe or Huli Guhe is about 62km from Bengaluru, 87km from Mysuru, located in located in Abbur village. One needs to go through muddy road and Coconut farm inorder to reach the below of this place. From below there are stone steps till top, short climb. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Cave Temple is present at the top and the idol is udhbhava murthy. It is believed that Sri Siddappaji Swamy enter this cave and came out of Kapadi Siddappaji Temple which is about 118km from this place. One can trek and explore further around this hill. Overall the blessings of Sri Anjaneya Swamy and the eye soothing nature of this place makes this a must visit Picnic place with Friends and Family