Hulikere Tunnel is about 123km from Bengaluru and 44km from Mysuru. The 2.8 km long tunnel is 3.75 m wide and has a 4.5 m deep arch built underneath Hulikere village was constructed from June 1928 to October 1931 when the Visveswaraya canal was laid to irrigate fields in Mandya region when Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar was the Maharaja and Sir Mirza Ismail was the dewan. A very easy and comfortable walk with great views. if you do not have a fear of the dark, the experience is spine tingling and exciting but it is only for a very short walk so have no fear.Great to see history untarnished.The tunnel is worth a visit, it is amazing to see how they were built. Amazed by the hard work by the ancestors. The water from Tunnel is used for irrigation. Please have a torch with shoes before entering the tunnel. Looking to get away from the light pollution of the city. This is the spot

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