The Unknown and little Sweetheart Kwanappa Hill is about 18km from Mysuru. Located near Mavinahalli village, this is an ideal place for trekking. One can trek through the lush green trees surrounding this place.The view from the top is Amazing.There are two stones named as Shobanna Kallu which are placed by the locals on the top of the hill. Every year festival is performed and Pooja is offered by the locals to this stone. Chikkanahalli Reserve Forest is adjacent to this hill. So visiting this place during late evening, night or early morning is restricted as Wild animals are present in this place. Watchtower is available on Chikkanahalli Reserve Forest hill for better viewing experience. As the name of the village suggest, the place is covered with Mango tress. So its a joy to ride to this place. Have a short day in hand and feel like trekking. This is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit with friends and family