The Unknown and Immense Beautiful Mulepetlu Backwaters Island is about 27km from Mysuru, located in Mulepetlu village. What an amazing eye soothing Backwaters Island, really worth every time spend. Ideal place for photography, camping, playing in water and Fishing. Fishing is done using Coracle, Net and Angling. Angler paradise. Lots of birds can be spotted sitting on the rocks, make sure to carry a binocular. The walk around this place is mesmerising. The view of clouds from this place is tranquil and the sound of the water waves touching shore is ear soothing. Sri Hale Eraneshwara Swamy, Chikkamma and Maramma sannidi adds a special touch this place, which is few meters from this place. All the idols are believed to be Udhbhava Murthy. Overall looking for a quick getaway picnic place from Mysuru, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit place with Friends and Family